Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ghost World

Enid and Seymour of Ghost World are both stuck in the past, but in different ways.  Enid's obsession with the 1960's, Punk, and really anything retro, represents her fight against conformity.  She sees her best friend becoming society's picture of a young lady: one who wears muted colored clothing, has a strong desire for independence and carrying out domestic chores--the idea of ironing clothing, for example, is exciting for Enid's friend Rebecca.  Enid tries to balance her disappointment with Rebecca by befriending Seymour, a 40-something, vest-wearing, record-collecting outcast.

Seymour appears to be living in the wrong era.  He has a stubborn taste for old jazz, record players, antiques.  He is a misanthrope, making it hard for him to socialize.  Enid comes around and presents herself as a kindred spirit...Really she admires Seymour more as an intriguing relic than an equal.  In the end, Enid relinquishes her resistance to change, while Seymour is duped to remain the same.

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